Thursday, September 28, 2006

blogline, social bookmarking, web2.0 and library

I've been quiet and reading a lot these days. Jumping from one blog to another, I found a whole new area that I completely missed out, the web2.0 and its applications in the library and library services. Thinking about my own library, we are talking about redesign the library website a while ago, should we move onto web 2.0 now?

Just to mention a few,
- New books, library news as RSS feed;
- A library blog on library events, CE site, even for library comments page.
- Customized library search bar;
- Library training podcast;
- Library image tour using flikr;
- A wiki for service desk quick manual;
I need more time to work on the list, make a proposal and get it done.

What web 2.0 means to health libraries, instead of summing up myself, I will provide a introducing web 2.0 series articles to show what a canadian librarian says about it:
- RSS trends for health librarians
- webblogs and podcasting for health librarians
- Social network and social bookmarking for health librarians

On RSS, here is a link to a nice presentation abour RSS,RSS aggregator, and RSS applications in library

I also played with the following social bookmarking sites:, digg,, and feedster. I am working on comparation and will post later.

Another web 2.0 related article is posted by Michael Calore, who compiled "Web 2.0 winner and loser" of web 2.0", the following social networks are the winners:

Too late, I have to stop here.

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