Sunday, September 24, 2006 Or Google

Sarah Houghton-Jan posted "ten reasons that librarian should use instead of google"

1.'s Smart Answers rock my world.
2. clearly identifies their advertising.
3.'s Image Search is far superior to Google's in terms of relevancy
4. For all types of searches, offers one-click links to narrow your search, expand your search, and provides links to results for related terms.
5. provides a binoculars icon with each search result
6. offers instant white pages searching from their main search box.
7. offers RSS Smart Answers
8. has a version specifically designed for kids, Ask for Kids, that users natural language searching and has a kid-friendly interface.
9.'s Maps and Directions Search has some neat features too.
10. Finally, has far less ads overall

In the coming week, I will compare these two search engines and see what I feel like.

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gp said...

Greetings. My name is Gary Price and I'm a librarian and blogger based in DC.

I am the founder and chief compiler of A personal invite to stop by.

ResourceShelf's mailing list is well over 20,000 and we have a very strong readership in the RSS World.

Another blog I started was Which also has a strong following in the library world.

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When you read Sarah's post, you probably noticed some extended comments from me.

One of my roles at Ask (I have several is to work with librarians, get their viewpoints, etc.)

I would be more than happy to give you a one on one telephone tour of Ask and go in-depth on some of the services we offer. We have several new features since in the past few weeks. Of course, I would also appreciate your feedback.

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