Friday, September 15, 2006

Compare Online Photo Services

[Photo]My children

I tried picasa today, I gave it 6 out of 10. An ok photo organizer. Like it separate the folder and album, similar to the "set" concept in flickr. Doing so a picture can be put into multiple albums. But lack of photo description, or keyword function, limited the search functions.

The photo to blog function was not working tonight, maybe because of the network. or because of the beta version blog. Will try later.

As for comparing the all online photo albums: Snapfish, photoworks, shutterfly are more geared to photo printing and sharing function. Traditional online photo services. Picasa is a desktop photo organizing application, with added online album functions. Flickr, a social software, is more focused on sharing, available for everyone to view and to comment, like blog. ( I was surprised to get a comment from Helen. Thank you for your encouragement. ) All photos are searchable and maybe viewed by anyone. Because of the different nature, snapfish and photoworks album sharing is a limited sharing, friends passively receive the link and view the photos you selected for them. In nature, they are commercial photo printing services, with added online sharing feature.

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