Thursday, September 14, 2006

Learning about flickr

Couple days ago I signed in for the flickr services. Nowadays everything seems google or Yahoo related. As long as you have those accounts, you are able to sign in for lots of services, namely avatar, flickr, writely, etc. I am exploring all the services along with this learning 2.0 program.

I am not so impressed with flickr itself. The interface is not clean. For photo service I like it simple, with enough space and descriptions to showcase the photos. I like the tag and the sets concept. A very nice thing is the note, especially to put a notation for selected area.

Another thing I learned is the 3rd party mashup. I like the idea of using it in other applications. Our library might be able to use it in our newsbox or library tour pages.

One thing I am been thinking is the differences between flickr and other photo hosting services, such as snapfish, photoworks, shutterfly. How about google's picasa? I will post my findings later.


HeleneB said...

welcome aboard. No time like the present! there's still plenty of time to catchup :)

Tao said...

Surprisingly. You are reading all our posts? And how did you track down to my post?

Thanks and I really like the program and impressed by what you guys are doing in your library.