Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Joy of Learning

Signed up for a bloglines account and subscribed to several library related blogs. The readings were so good and for me it seems an eye-opening look into a new librarianship. Got to 'steal' some ideas, application to use on our library website and services. I also steped into a MLIS course on "social software and library", the whole course in on blog format, using blog to study blog, what a great idea. The sidebar has a link to worldwide library or librarian blogs. Wow, never realized there are so many fellow librarians are doing blogs.

On Google, I've gathered lots of good sites in my "bookmarks" for my professional readings. Need to get it organized. I've been installing Google toolbar on all the workstations that I am using, my work computer, my home computer, the staff rotating laptop, and the service desks computer. Making the bookmarks available online does make the reading and learning more easiler.

I also discovered the "google webmaster tools", sound interesting, will look more closely later.

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