Sunday, October 01, 2006

My "new" findings about Google

I believe what I found today have been existed for a while. Those are not new to the Google world, but they are "new" to me.

Background: There are several kids in my son's school have "head lice", I ran a search on "head lice" on google and was surprised to find the refine result suggestions at the top of the result page.

Finding: The refinements, I later found a little more information from Google Co-OP health, or so called labels are: Condition info ( includes treatment, symptoms, tests/diagnosis, cause/risk factors), info type (include: for patients, for medical authorities, for health professions, alternative medicine), drug info and publication types (such as practice guideline, patient handouts, continuing education, clinical trials). The results for each label was not bad, I saw medlineplus, CDC websites, emedicine, familydoctor,, NEJM, and big name medical school websites are displayed on the top on each category. Those labels was assigned by Google co-opers. Here are some basic on how to use Google co-op.

My thoughts/concerns:
- How trustable / authoratative are those co-opers?
- Will they label the sites honestly and correctly?
- Will the labels increase the labelled sites' rank on the search result?

Hey, is this operation using the social software philosophy and bear the same good/evil of the social software?

Another finding is that the Google reader, an online RSS reader, just like Bloglines.

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