Monday, October 02, 2006

New working environment

I am experimenting ways to improve my productivity at work, of course at home also. Here are some effective steps that I've taken today:

- Since my new computer supports the multiple monitors, I decided to take full advantage of it. I set up a retired monitor beside my regular one. Although they are of different sizes (one is 15" and the other is 17" flat) and different resolutions, they worked beautifully together. After a few adjustments on monitor's physical locations, software settings, and desktop shortcuts, I am up running. So impressed and extremely happy with the results. Especially when I run searches on different databases, with an online dictionary open for looking up unfamiliar terms, also a Word or Excel sheet opened for recording results, while checking and responding to emails in-between, with this two monitors setting, I was able to have both my searching windows and the online dictionary displayed at the same time, it made the copy and paste more easily and I can multitask more efficiently.

- I also installed a desktop clock widgeton my spared monitors. I like to have a clock hang on my wall(my monitors) so that I can keep track of time more easily. There are so many desktop widgets, I need to spend some other times to dig out new/neat stuff.

- Here is another tip I saw somewhere and really agree with it. I started to follow it ever since then. Just don't remember the exact sentence, but the main point is: If you can do it in less than 5 minutes, just do it now. I am applying the rule while dealing with emails, dealing with reported computer problems, and dealing with junk mails at my home mailbox. Now I feel like more controllable over my chores.


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BeckyJ said...

I like your tip about the five-minute rule, I'm going to try that!