Monday, October 09, 2006

web2.0 services

I've been introduced to so many web2.0 services in the past couple days, below are some of my comments on those websites:

NetVibes: A webpage based RSS reader. I may call it a portal page. Things I like:
- The modular design
- Pre-loaded feed suggestions
- Mouse over to show the bri contents
- Searching modules: include several search engines
Things I don't like that much: - Busy interface A news aggregator, sorts news by zip code first. Also collecting blogs, city government websites and alerts. Nice place to find localized information. It boasts has 360,000 subjects. I looked specially the medication, health(by disease), medicine (by subjects, such as endocrinology, surgery, pediatrics, etc). I might be able to use this site to search for some latest news or hot debates on specific drugs, disease treatment plans, et al.
I tried to run a search for "Eskind biomedical Library" or "Eskind" using the site search engine, found several art listings mentioned Eskind Art works, an education grant with Eskind's involovement, and a news about Nancy M. Lorenzi. Interesting.

Feedster: A blog search engine. you may subscribe to a customized feed. Two results on Eskind, one intern position, the other post on Evidence based practise tool.

NewsVine: A social news publishing site. The news are published by major news agents (the wire) as well as general users(the vine) ; news are pushed to the top by the use of the communities. Nothing was found on "Eskind" search.

Technorati: A blog/live web search engine. A search for "Eskind" found a post on Becky, the library intern job ads, library umbrella bag picture on flickr, several Eskind pictures by WangYun at flickr, two posts on Mark Hodges, a Chinese post mentioned about studying at Eskind, a post on Eskind book sale (will send to Mary, don't quite understand the post, but Mary should get some hints from the post). So far this engine provides the most complete coverage. A social bookmarking site. A strange, hard to remember name, but the services is good. The difference between social bookmarking software and personal online bookmarking software (such as google bookmarks) is the social nature, that is you may shyour bookmarks and subscript other people's bookmarks. Using this service, you can create a personal archived web. This service is different from Bookmarking software, it records the real page contents, not just the URLs, at the time of "furling". In the help file, they pointed out that you can export/archive your personal web to CD. Copyright, security issues are also addressed. More time and fooling around are needed for me to offer any thoughts on these topics.

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