Saturday, October 07, 2006


zoho has been mentioned several times in my catch up tech readings in the past couple days. I finally had time to give it a try. My first impression of the zoho products is pretty good. They offer most of the common Office product elements, such as table, list, font formats, etc. Here are couple nice features I liked:

Zoho Writer:

  • Publish directly to the blog. (Unfortunately I tried but not successful, saying wrong login info)
  • Create doc roll - kind of web 2.0 concept.
  • Export file to multiple formats, including PDF, HTML
  • I like the way special characters are being presented, make it easy to use. I also noticed the special buttons for subscript and superscript, crossthrough. Things are getting easier.
  • smily faces are included - online language

Zoho Creator:

  • automatically convert excel type of information to online form. Very nice and useful tool.
  • useful tools to give you ideas on how you can use this tool: helpdesk mini, inventory form, to do list form

Zoho Sheets: Looks better than Google spreadsheet; Has Multitab support, which is not available in Google

Zoho Show: automatically generate online presentation

There are other products: zoho planner, zoho chat, I will definitely give them a try.

Here is what I am thinking: Next time when a frustrated library patron comes to me and ask where to work on his paper/presentation on our library public workstations, I may ask them, do you have a zoho account?

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arvind said...

Thanks for writing about Zoho and recommending us to others. Glad that you like our various services!